Banan dog was sad for a while, because his friends were always busy and not like him. He went on doggy dating sites, but no one seemed to want to date him :( But then he found whatever sort of love there was in his best friend, bonan dog :) The two are very happy and pure together and they love each other very much.

Once bonan dog was picked on by bully kids. It made them sad, and they cried a lot thinking no one liked them. But banan dog told them they were his best friend and they'd never leave them. He told them, "You're perfect to me." They went out on a date and then got married, the pretty children.

This moment can teach us a lot about our friends. They like you and they want you to be happy, and will not be happy when you aren't happy. Let them love you and try to make you happy, and you'll never be alone with them.