The good line itself.

When he was a high school pupper, Banan dog did theater. He was very good at it, but his one weakness was remembering lines in heavy accents. One time, he was the lead role in a western and everyone really liked him during rehearsals. He did the part very well and people liked it lots. But he was also very scared, because he was worried he'd ruin it all during the first performance and everyone would hate him and abandon him.

On the night of the performance, he was trying to get in character, but he couldn't. His accent kept swaying and he was very anxious. He thought he couldn't do it. It came time to perform, but he still wasn't ready. He got up on stage, boots shaking, and gave his first line, to stunned silence.


Oh no! He'd said the wrong line :(

He thought it was over. Then, an extra knocked over a set piece, making things even worse. Suddenly Banan dog had an idea! He turned to the audience with a quizzical look on his face and said, "What in Bananation?"

People found this really funny and he found the courage to go on with the show, with all the smiling, happy faces out in the audience. The rest of the performance, he thought of these faces, and delivered each line with a shining greatness. When the end came around, everyone gave the good boy a standing ovation.

For everyone who doesn't think they can do what they strive to, don't worry! Just think of the people that support you in your good times, and let the knowledge of them guide you; because even if something goes wrong, they'll always support you to the very end.